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NCAA Contest
Da Rulz

1) No prizes or money for winning the contest. This is just for fun.

2) Scoring is one point for the first round, two points for the second round, three points of the third round . . . etc.

3) Entries must be sent by 11:00 CDT, Thursday, March 19. The website will automatically reject any entries posted later.

4) Please, only one entry per person. It's easier to keep track of everyone. A lot of work is done automatically, but there's also stuff done behind the scenes that is done as the tournament progresses. Entries will be posted as soon as possible so don't worry if your picks doesn't show up immediately. I would prefer all entries to be sent by Wednesday night to make sure all has been received. There's been problems with that in the past. Hopefully, those bugs have been exterminated. If they don't show up after the latest update, let me know. Also, I would like to ask that you please send me an email after your entry has been sent so I can watch for it. I will send you an email that it has arrived.

5) The winner will be determined by the highest score. Tie breakers will be decided by who picked the champion, followed by who had the closest guess of the total points scored followed by the most teams correctly picked in the ELITE EIGHT.

6) Providing your email address is important in case of a problem. KUfan.Com will never sell your email address or use it for any reason other than communicating with you.

7) Bye entering the contest, you are accepting these rules.

8) Enjoy the Tournament.

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