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There's changes this week to ESPNs' Bracetology. Kansas, Baylor and Gonzaga are still #1 seeds, but San Diego State has been moved to the west regional as a two seed and has been replaced by Dayon as the #1 seed in the east. The Big 12 now has SIX teams in the Tournament, with three of them in the west regional. Wichita State is nowhere to be found.

CBS Sports has just four Big 12 teams in the tournament. The #1 seeds are the same as ESPNs' bracket with San Diego State as a #2 seed in the same bracket as Gonzaga. Wichita State is part of the First Four and if they win, would be in the midwest, the same bracket as Kansas.

Things will be changing daily now as post season conferences are in gear or will be playing this week so this is the last Bracket Watch for this season. The tournament field will be announced Sunday.

March Madness is upon us.

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