"There is parity in the Big 12.
Everyone has an equal chance to finish second."
- Rece Davis, ESPN

Tournament Contest on the Horizon


The 24th annual tournament contest is under way!
Check it out here.

Selection Sunday was Stupid


TBS took care of announcing the brackets this year and it was a waste of time. They spent over ten minutes just letting you know who was in the tournament when that time could have been spent revealing the actual brackets. 



Unbelievable achievement this year as Kansas wins for the FOURTEENTH time in a row.

Big XII (minus two) Standings
Final Standings






Kansas 13-5 27-7
Texas Tech 11-7 24-9
West Virginia 11-7 24-10
Kansas State 10-8 22-11
TCU 9-9 21-11
Oklahoma 8-10 18-13
Oklahoma State 8-10 19-14
Texas 8-10 19-14
Baylor 8-10 18-14
Iowa State 4-14 13-18


Upcoming Games:

Kansas 27-7
13-5 in conference

Date Opponent Time/Score
3/15 Penn 1:00 pm
  on TBS  

Kansas State 22-11
10-8in conference

Date Opponent Time/Score
3/16 Creighton 5:50 pm
  on TNT  

Wichita State 25-7
25-7 in conference

Date Opponent Time/Score
3/16 Marshall 12:30 pm
  on TNT  





Yordano Ventura

Yes, 13 of them. Wow.

On the next episode of
"Hoarders" . . .
(updated episode
for 2018)

Natural Selection at Work, here kitty, kitty, kitty

It worked cuz the Tigers are
extinct in the Big XII. 

"The Game of Inches"

Awesome KU tribute.

Click here to go to
Youtube to see video

All-Time Victories

Team Total Wins Last Update
Kentucky 2260 3/10/18
Kansas 2244 3/10/18
North Carolina 2231 3/11/16
Duke 2141 3/10/16

These four programs are the only ones with more than 2,000 all-time victories.

Remembering our Angels

Briana and Addison

Both mother and daughter, Briana and Addison, were diagnosed with stage IV melanoma just weeks a part from each other. In a rare medical phenomenon, Addison was born with melanoma after the cancer sneaked into her bloodstream while in the womb. Heartbreakingly, Briana earned her wings after a short 8 month fight with melanoma cancer in February 2012. Little Addison beat her odds time and time again, but after gracing the earth for nearly 27 months, she was called to the heavens to join her mother in eternal rest and comfort. 
We have established a non-profit foundation titled Addison's Army Against Melanoma to honor our girls. You can follow our awareness efforts and events on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Their Website


Addison at Easter